There is and always has been pool cleaning near me and a a lot of talk about leaving a tricolor tablet in the skimmer.Is it bad is it ok ? Pool repair tech opinion. While here is the truth It is not good for the equipment. You will notice this when doing pool repair. The common tablet that I am describing has cyanuric acid in it and the acid makes the tablet have a collective PH of 2.7 which is good for the pool because often the PH drifts a little high and rarely is low. The PH range is very important because the the effectiveness of the chlorine is effected by the PH in a major way. So if you leave a tablet in the skimmer and the pump turns off during the night the tablet will slowly dissolve and the PH in the skimmer water become below 3.5 PPM. When the pump turns on with this level of acidic water in it it will cause wear and over time damage. So will putting a tab in a skimmer break everything over night no. Is it a good idea no. Pool cleaning near me

We have locations In Palm Beach gardens, North Palm Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, North Boynton Beach, West Boynton, East Boynton Boca Raton, West Boca Raton. With locations across the county we can provide Service and repair for swimming pools with a high quality of standard.


Sparkling blue pool service had been providing pool cleaning service and pool repair for over two decades in Boynton beach. We are proud to be members of the Boynton Beach community. We plan to continue to expand becoming a larger company well continuing to provide excellent customer service, modern technology will play a major role in this process.


Pool service repair Is a important factor in providing excellent customer service. We evaluate the entire system each week for any issues that could possibly need  pool repair.


You should spend your free time enjoying your swimming pool. There is nothing worse than spending your afternoon cleaning your swimming pool before you can swim in it. We Service all of Palm County with 2 locations in Boca Raton 2 locations in West palm beach a location in Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter. Boynton Lake worth and west palm also have locations.


We at sparkling blue pool service have partnered with many Boynton beach swimming pool contractors. Though building strong relationships and working closely on many jobs we have developed and great reputation.

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